The French Open 2017 – Babolat and Under Armour

Thanks to a number of brand partners we were invited out to Paris ahead of the French Open. It was a great experience and the first big piece of content we were covering for Babolat and Under Armour.

We spent the first day at La Defense in the business district of Paris with Under armour. Gaining access to Andy through a Q&A session and attending the activation of the roof top with Teddy Riner the French Judo champion. It was short and fast paced but as ever we were eager to fire a few questions to Andy. See the edit below for full details.

The next day we were with Babolat at Roland-Garros itself. With media passes to attend another Q&A with some of their key athletes, we spent the first part of the day covering B-Roll and getting the establishing shots required, before moving on to the interview.

The athletes in attendance were Jack Sock, Rafa Nadal, Eric Babolat, Garbine Muguruza and Dominic Thiem. It was a great experience and for me the 1st time interviewing Rafa. We of course muscled our way in with the first questions to Nadal. Again watch the edit below for the full story.

The second half of the day with Babolat was spent covering their Brand Space and Stringing area. Babolat pulled out all the stops here and created a unique brand space for tennis fans to geek off in. We spent some time with the Babolat team and built an edit around the stringing process, managing over 5ooo rackets during the tournament.

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