The Australian Open 2018 – What a journey down under!

Kicking off 2018 in Australia was a dream come true! We’d worked hard to get us there during 2017 and the fruits of our labor were clearly paying off.

Usually on a content trip like this I plan in a couple of edit days or just some R&R time for B-Roll and establishing shots… Not even possible on this trip with a full schedule confirmed before we broke up for Christmas. 10 days, 12 shoots and a number of outputs that would feed our content channels for Pro:Direct Tennis up until the French Open. Months worth of work.

So lets start at the beggining… always best! Pro:Direct sponsored player Cameron Norrie, a player I picked up earlier in the year was to meet us to do his first piece of content with PDT. We started with a number of playtests, the best footwear launches for Jan 2018… The Nike Vapor Tour (Cams choice of footwear), the adidas Barricade and a new silo from ASICS the Gel-Court Speed. Cameron put each shoe through its paces on a devised test I put together and executed. He of course preffered the Vapors but actually set the fastest time in the Barricades. From there we spent some time interviewing Cam on his tennis journey through the years, from starting out to turning Pro in 2016. See below!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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